Invest Diamonds

Wala Capital aims at pricing the stone at their underlying investment value. We offer only GIA-certified investment-grade diamonds..Diamonds being portable commodities are an excellent investment option in today’s market. Diamond retailers typically add between 20-30% mark-up to cover their marketing costs. Its being observed that an average increase in value of any polished diamonds from mine to wedding ring is approx 200%, investors with access to manufactures are well positioned to capitalize on this value difference.

Invest Real Estate

Wala Capital focuses on investments in real estate through its strategic partners across Tier I and Tier II cities with prime focus in Nasik, Surat and Ahmedabad.

Invest Indian Equities

Wala Capital believes in the concept of Value Investing i.e. the idea of treating the stocks as piece of a business and not just piece of paper.

Our Investment Philosophy aims at following principles

  • Investing with a long term view and believing in the power of compounding our capital.
  • Thorough analyses of underlying business and its prospects before purchasing the stock.
  • Decent management quality with good record on corporate governance.
  • Buying when the price is Right i.e buy investments when price is lower than its fundamental value
  • Adequate margin of safety i.e purchasing a business at a fraction of its intrinsic value.