Rough Services

Today the major concern among retailers and consumers worldwide being ethical sourcing of diamonds, Wala Gems ensures its procurement of rough diamonds through Kimberly process providing conflict-free diamonds for clients. Wala Gems close connections with mining companies enables us to guarantee the source of all the rough diamonds we buy and give us a competitive edge with the continuous supply of  rough diamonds.

Production & Manufacturing Services

With over two decades of diamond cutting experience at our manufacturing unit in India, our production team is well equipped with latest technology to manage the complexities of diamond cutting today. Our diamond cutting unit employs expert gemologists and utilizes up-to-date technology to reach highest quality production. Smallest diamonds to 5 carats are cut in our state-of-the-art facilities enabling us to provide our customers with competitive and diverse product mix.

Polished Services

Wala Gems diamond portfolio contains a wide selection of diamonds from smallest size to 5 carats in round shape, with various  colors and clarities in both certified and non certified segment. Our track record of offering best quality product coupled with our understanding of the market  has established our image as Customer-centric company.