Wala Gems a leading global diamond manufacturer, Importer & Exporter with India, Belgium, Israel, Hong kong as its key market.

During the journey  2nd generation family members where involved and given new responsibilities that suits their talents and skills.

Wala Gems diamond portfolio ranges from .05 points to 5 carats in round and fancy shape, with various  colors and clarities in both certified and non diamonds.

Our procurement of rough diamonds is through Kimberly Process which ensures conflict free natural diamonds for our clients.

With over two decades of diamond cutting experience at our manufacturing unit in India and Israel, our production team is well equipped with latest technology to manage the complexities of diamond cutting today.

Wala Capital, a investment and advisory arm of Wala Group having investment focus across various asset class- Investment Grade Diamonds, Real Estate and Indian Equities.

The focus of Wala capital is to create significant values for clients and partners through long term view, strategic innovation and independent thinking.

As we rightly know the fact that one should not put all the eggs into one basket and we know the reason behind it. Dropping the basket will break all the eggs. Placing each egg in a different basket is more diversified and reduces the investment risk.